Thursday, May 23, 2013

Beehive Gallery

Galleries as well as this one we've store looks amazing. The collections were funny and interesting, with a variety of items that can be purchased. Its location is in the newton area, precisely in King Street. For those who like the unique object or want to give away something, then Beehive Gallery should be the first thought.

Here for sale a variety of items, ranging from jewelry (rings, necklaces, and bracelets), to stationery. There are also various works of ceramic crafts, notebooks, accessories, purses, cloth dolls, and much more. In fact, here is dominated by the work of Japanese art with oriental patterned material.

All items here are handmade, so the details will be very visible. There is a group of people who often make the works and is under the management Beehive Gallery. Everything is unique and is only available for a limited number. For the price that is offered cheap can be said.

Sydney Theater Company

Built in 1978, the Sydney Theater Company became the first theater company in Australia. The location is at The Wharf, not far from the harbor at Walsh Bay Sydney. This is where the hard work of theater production created with international standards and using texts that are both entertaining and challenging.

A lot of international artists who joined here, such as Mel Gibson, Judy Davis, Hugo Weaving, Miranda Otto, Geoffrey Rush, Toni Collette, Rose Byrne and Cate Blanchett. Sydney Theater Company (STC) has also worked with other theater companies such as the Abbey Theater , Traverse Theater , Complite, Cheek by jowl, Out-of-Joint, National Theater of Great Britain and Steven wolf Theater Company.

Room that can accommodate up to 896 seats, the theater has a spacious floor so that the show could easily be enjoyed by anyone. Typically, these companies held 12 courses per year, both regular drama or musical, shown not only in Australia but also the world. Some theatrical titles ever produced for example, The White Devil (2001), Hedda Gabler (2006) and A Streetcar Named Desire (2009).